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Susan Williams CCol FSDC

Sue president without medalCo-founded Instrumental Colour Systems (ICS) Ltd in 1969.  As Applications Director, then Colour Development Director she led a team of specialists providing education, training and solutions across many industries.

After the purchase of ICS by Datacolor Susan set up the new ICS - Independent Colour Systems in 1996, where Susan managed the merger with Eurocolor in 1998 producing a 1/2 million pound turnover in the sales and support of colour measuring solutions.

Eurocolor was acquired by GretagMacbeth in 1999, who leveraged Susan's experience and expertise to provide pre-sales consultancy on their colour management solutions to key European specifiers.

Susan formed Global Colour Solutions Ltd. (GCS) in 2001 to carry out consultancy, education and training. GCS worked closely with DigiEye plc helping to develop a pioneering digital imaging system for work in the measurement of fastness, colour and appearance. GCS Ltd was acquired by DigiEye plc in March 2007.

In 2007-2008 Susan was President of the Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) with a major aim of promoting colour management education and training courses in the textile industries around the world.

Independent Colour Solutions was formed in order to enable Susan to continue to deliver Education and Training into the colour measurement market.

Since then the SDC courses have been successful and Susan has been involved in training the trainers in India and China.

Expanding her reach Sue has recently worked closely with KonicaMinolta to deliver courses in a diverse set of industries:- paints, plastics, textiles, printing, paper, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, automotive.....

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